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A moment in the desert lasts a long time. There something about the sense of deprivation that heightens all the senses. Life goes into a very beautiful ‘slo- mo’.

This desert camp is not far from Marrakech. An hour and a half to be exact. But it feels thousands of miles away and many centuries ago. Candles are the only source of light and the mud dwellings are as true to the style and spirit of the Berber as they can be.

But the effortless style and impeccable good taste of everything from the way tables are set for dinner in an old Berber tent to the brutal but beautiful furniture in the guest houses hint at the influence of an outsider… a Frenchman! The kind of Frenchman, like the poet Rimbaud, enamoured with the spirit of the noble savage.

Watch the traditional Berber Dance and music Video here:

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Photography: Herbert Ypma
Music: ‘Caravanserai’ Karunesh
Album: Select 6 – Music For Our Friends
Production: HIP Hotels Media

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