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Lapland, Finland – A Travel Film


I’m excited to share with you all our Christmas getaway to Finland! We set out on our 8 day journey across the pond ready to celebrate the holiday in Lapland, Finland. We started the trip with a few days in Tallinn, Estonia getting in the spirit while exploring the Old City and enjoying the Christmas Markets. Next came the main course, Finland! We flew from Helsinki to the Northern city of Oulu and picked up our rental car. The adventure continued as we drove through the snow to Rovaniemi and started to see what winter in Northern Finland was all about. Of course we had to make a stop at The Santa Claus Village to officially cross into the Arctic Circle before driving deep into Lapland to our small cabin North of Muonio. Our cozy Airbnb sat water (ice) front with a view of Sweden across the way. With no wifi or cable, we went off the grid and celebrated Christmas the old fashion way with games, home cooked dinner, and each others’ company. The hardest part wasn’t being in the middle of nowhere, it was the 20 hours of darkness that the winter months bring. With the few hours of light we had, we set out and explored the surrounding forrest and part of Swedish Lapland. Unfortunately, due to overcast clouds every day the lighting was not ideal. As a videographer I struggled with this trying to get a clear shot with the low light. On our final night we were blessed with clarity above and spent 7 hours through the night hunting down the majestic Northern Lights. It was worth every second to see them dance and sway in the sky amongst the most incredible amount of stars I’ve ever seen. Despite the challenges, I am more than happy with the outcome and experience that this trip was. I have to hand it to my beautiful fiancé Anna for riding shotgun on our hours and hours of car rides, 9 different flights, and being in solitude with me.

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My Gear

4K Camera
– Panasonic GH5 –
– Lumix 12-60MM –

Travel Friendly Tripod

– IKAN Beholder –

– Dji Mavic Pro –
– Low-Noise Props –
– Dji Extra Battery –

Memory cards
– Micro SD –
– Standard SD –

6000 Lumen Headlamp

Snow Boots
– Xpeti –

– Travel –
– Camera –
– Duffle –

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Song – 1000 Nights
Artist – Frenship

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Date: May 23, 2020