Last Minute Travel: Berlin – Awesome Nightlife and Some Great Last Minute Travel Deals

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Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the biggest cities in Europe, and has a huge following. Those who live there and who visit regularly, always say what a wonderful city it really is. One of the states of Germany and its capital city, Berlin has a population of around 3 million – slightly more than Paris.

Generally, Berlin has a very moderate climate, although it can suffer from harsh winters. However, because it is located fairly inland, it usually has some great summers, and can get very hot during the summer months of June, July and August.

Berlin is a popular destination for tourists. As well as offering plenty of history (the Berlin Wall only went down barely two decades ago), Berlin offers lots in the way of arts, culture and nightlife. With tonnes of museums, architectural brilliance to be admired, it is also a world city in terms of politics, media, and science. It is a magnet for science, with many research opportunities available here.

This, and much more, is why it is a popular destination for tourists looking for Last Minute Travel deals for their perfect 2014 summer vacation break.

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