Luxembourg: As We Travel Europe

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Ok, we’re in Luxembourg, and we’re having lunch. We’re going to meet our guide in about an hour or so at the hostel here. They have a restaurant and a café here so we got those—they offer hot meals for lunch, so we got some French salad with cheese on top. What’s it called? Salade au camembert pané—I don’t know? Tastes really good.

It’s a wonderful day here in Luxembourg. It’s going to be great exploring. There’s so many castles, so much greenery here. It’s absolutely beautiful. Time to eat. National feeling comes from the fact that the Germans wanted to make Germans out of us, or the Nazis wanted to make Germans out of us. And that’s the first time the people really understood, no, we’re not French, we’re not German, we are Luxembourgs. We have a known identity, and we have a known language, but before it was not so important. Luxembourg got its independence in 1867, so it’s not that old actually. And when Belgium became independent it was 1830, it was 37 years earlier, and if you would have asked at that time, Luxembourg’s population what would you like to become, they probably would’ve voted to become Belgium. The most beautiful balcony of Europe was in Luxembourg.

Here and here and there’s one on the foot. If they polished it, right now I would slip. But it’s basically what people do. The man from the pharmacy, he didn’t like the idea of that statue so he was demonstrating against it. And the artist who did that statue, he represented himself on the accordion. He’s called William Lofi, Will Lofi, and look at the way he is placing his fingers. And it’s directed to the direction of the old pharmacy. I saw that and thought, should I say something about that? Yeah, it’s done on purpose.
We arrived in Luxembourg this morning and we met with a local guide here and he’s taken us around pretty much every attraction you have in Luxembourg. It’s been an incredible day. He’s shared so much information, so many amazing things about Luxembourg. I had no idea. The mind boggles, that is really incredible.

Luxembourg is a great place. Right now we’re standing over one of the most beautiful balconies apparently in Europe. It’s pretty incredible, I didn’t know Luxembourg was this beautiful, I didn’t know much about it at all. The architecture, the buildings the rocks, the fortresses, the bridges, it’s so picturesque here in Luxembourg. I really don’t know what else to say. I’m just pleasantly surprised and really impressed the atmosphere, the vibe that you get here in Luxembourg. Our guide gave us this—Kachkeis it’s a Luxembourg type of cheese, which you can buy in a tub. Only in Luxembourg. And apparently you spread it on toast or bread so tonight we’re going to sit out here and have [laughing]. Yeah, apparently it’s very gluey and very thick. Wow, very sticky huh? Grab some of that for your sandwich. We’re going to sit out here tonight and try a bit of this, and also some local white wine, which we’ve tasted it before, and it’s actually really nice. You got it? It’s very sticky and very gluey. Yeah. It’s got a really strong smell to it.