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Luxury Hotel Apartment Tour Lisbon Portugal


This video is about Luxury Hotel Apartment Tour Lisbon Portugal. The hotel is called My Story Hotel Tejo In Lisbon Portugal. This room in the hotel in the city center costs about 42 euros a night, which is about $47 a night at the time of this video. Please keep in mind the prices will vary depending on the room, season, and other factors. This room and the hotel was very modern, clean, cozy, and comfortable. This was back in December 2019 and this was the low season, so I think I got a pretty good price for the room and especially the location. It is super convenient to get to and a convenient place in the city center that is very walkable to just about everything to see in the city. There are lots of cafes, restaurants, and other sights nearby. One cafe I recommend that I thought was exceptionally good was Frutaria cafe, which is in this video. Come check it out and other places when you are here in Lisbon, Portugal.

Date: June 21, 2020