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Some of the best adult watering holes in London are in the West End London neighbourhood of Marylebone. Situated just north of Oxford Street and only a stone’s throw from Mayfair, this residential area is packed with restaurants, cafés, brasseries and serious food shops.

There’s Relais de Venise, without doubt the best place for ‘steak-frites’ in the UK; Caldesi, an Italian restaurant with its own cooking school; MEATliquor for the best dirty burgers in town; Ginger Pig, the famous butcher; La Fromagerie, the best cheese shop in the UK; Workshop Cafe for the best coffee and Nordic Cafe for the best cinnamon buns in Europe… to mention just a few.

Where to stay? The Mandeville is in the heart of Marylebone and it offers a very London-esque option as a base. Watch the hotel trailer here:

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