Milan & Phoenix – Carnival (Original Mix)

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Chris Milan and Jay Phoenix were hit by the electronic light in the early 90’s, when Chris began dj’ing and Jay kicked off a career as a traditional musician. Ten years later, they bumped into each other in Montreal and explored the endless possibilities of their mutual love for electronic music. Well here it is, the official result: ‘Carnival’. House with a capital H.
Even though Chris and Jay reside nowhere else but the northern part of the US, ‘Carnival’ sounds like it’s got Latin American roots. It starts out with a strong minimal house kick-off, right before it rapidly fades into rousing samba sounds. All prog-house lovers will be swinging it down, as ‘Carnival’ rocks on with hammering piano parts and only the finest progressive house. Hip-swivelling is guaranteed with this one!
For the playful, contagious peak-time moments, they bring in ‘Circus’. Slightly latin-inspired as well, the piano-drive prog-house anthem rides between energetic house and soothing progressive, all with a twitch of game-sounds. Start playing!