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The legendary DJ Claude Challe put out an album called Space Sex and it reminds me of this place: 70’s funk, Space Sex and a twist of Oriental spiritualism.

When it was announced that famous New York based designer Karim Rashid would be designing his first ever hotel and that it would be in Brighton, UK, it probably had many design aficionados scratching the expensive haircuts on their heads.

Brighton? Why Brighton?

If you knew Brighton then the answer would be obvious: because Rashid’s penchant for neon colours and lozenge organic shapes plus his bold commitment to going against the grain fits perfectly with Brighton. This is a town built on the belief that different is good and outrageous is even better.

The result is myhotel Brighton. Located in the epicentre of town, in the very midst of the street markets, the guitar stores, the tattoo parlours, and the oddly named shops; it’s clear that Rashid was exactly the right choice for the hotel’s design.

So much so that whereas his work would shock anywhere else in the world; in Brighton it almost looks normal. The guest rooms which are somewhat like a cross between an apothecary, a space craft and a cave are hugely popular with visitors.

The message seems to be – better to be interesting than to be boring – and that’s what the hotel delivers. It’s an experience staying here and that plus the fact that it could not be better located makes it to the Hippest option for a visit to Brighton.

Tattoo parlours, body piercing, street musicians, hippy handcraft, East End geezers, Hare Krishna, afternoon tea, beer on the beach, vintage fashion, hen nights, dirty weekends with someone else’s wife or husband… it’s all part and parcel of Brighton. Watch the video here:

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