Norway – Travel Report from the TV series “Time Out”

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In Hamburg, we start our trip to Norway, a cruise through the fjords of Norway on the MSC Lirica. The port of Hamburg, where 130 million tons of goods are shipped annually, can be best explored with a harbour cruise.

In Norway our first destination is Bergen, also a Hanseatic city. Bergen is known as the gateway to the fjords and looks small and beautiful. I am surprised to learn that more than a quarter of a million people live here. We stroll through the narrow romantic streets before we drive up to the mountain of Bergen – the Floyen.

The Norwegian sweater is firmly rooted in the Norwegian tradition. The strong wool and the typical pattern make it so special.
The great romantic Edvart Grieg from the small Norway, was born here in Bergen and for the population he is a true local hero.

The next day at Geiranger fjord the weather is again perfect and we walk up to Queens chair and Dalsnibba, a viewing platform 1.500m high above the fjords. We pass the seven sisters, seven different waterfalls.

We visit a carpet weaver and then take the Flamsbana to Flam. We visit the oldest buildings of the village going back to the 17th century and they are totally preserved original. In a local pub we taste different beers, the most popular is the “beilar blonder”, named after Beilar, the servant of Odin.

A film by Peter Stromberg from the documentary series Time Out – little escapism

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