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25 days. 8 countries. 4 friends.
A euro trip/backpacking europe is what most dreams are made of and we made it happen.

We aren’t trust fund kids with rich parents, just recent university graduates with student loans like everyone else. Today I share some bits and pieces of the epic 25 day backpacking trip I went on with my friends Alexandra, Ashley and Nadia. It may entertain ya for 4 minutes, it may be a waste of your time, but what I really hope is that it’ll inspire you to travel and see the world for yourself! Because as cool as these places may look in this vlog, it’s even cooler in person.

So join us as we hit up Iceland, Berlin, Ireland, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Santorini, Florence and Rome in 3 and a half weeks.

Shout out to my friends who made great travel buddies and took most of the shots in this video! Stalk them @alexvergy, @ashleygaete, @nahdeeyuh!

And my question for you, if you’re still reading this, is what is the one place you want to travel to the most? Let me know down in the comments! Thanks for watching xo

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