Oslo City – Norway – Open Top Sightseeing Tour 2015

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Visiting Oslo City Norway in 2014? This video gives you a 8min
tour in the City of Oslo – Norway with Open Top Sightseeing.
Here’s a shorter version of the Oslo City – Norway

You stop by most of the major Sights in Oslo City.
and gives you small teasers of each Attractions

The Oslo – Norway Opera House
If you arrived in Oslo City with a Cruise ship this is
most likely the first attraction you pass by.

Oslo Central Station Square at the “bottom” of
the Oslo’s “Main Street” Karl Johans Gate.

Here is another Oslo – Norway Video of the Bazar Halls
right in the middle of Karl Johans Gate:

Further up in Oslo’s Karl Johans Gate you pass
by where Norway’s Parliament right in the center of
Oslo City at the “top” of Karl Johans Gate. From here
you get nice view of the Royal Palace.

Oslo’s City hall is next stop on the bus Tour
where the whole building (Oslo City Hall that is)
essentially is an art work.
All with artists mainly from Oslo Norway.

Passing the Norwegian Royal Palace the trip goes to
the Vigeland Park which lies in Frogner, one of
Oslo’s more expensive areas to live.

The Vigeland Park came to be when the City of Oslo
Norway commissioned the Sculpture Artist Gustav Vigeland to
to build the park. And In so doing Oslo got the
largest Sculpture arrangement dedicated to one artist in
the world. if you want to see more check out our Oslo
Norway video of the Vigeland Park here:
http://youtu.be/scQ0LPe56bo .

After the Vigelan Park the we go on to visit Bygdøy –
which is the Part of Oslo City where you find a lot
of interesting museums. and the first up is Norsk Folkemuseum.
You guessed it … We also have another Oslo Norway Video of that
right here Called Norsk Folkemuseum;

Then just five minutes walk further down the
road you find the Viking Ship Museum.
For a more in depth look at the Vikings here is
our Oslo Norway Video of the Viking Ship Museum:

Then comes the Fram, the Maritime & the Kon-Tiki
Museums of Oslo. We haven’t yet got video’s
from all 3, but here is the Kon-Tiki video amongst
our Oslo Norway Videos:

And then on your way back to the city center of
Oslo, you pass by Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen,
which we haven’t yet released any videos of yet but
no Oslo City Tour would be complete without it so
it is coming in the near future.

Then finally you get back to the Akershus Fortress
which up through the ages has been the Center of Oslo
& Norway. You can watch our Oslo Norway video of it
right here: http://youtu.be/LCsGnMIBIXM

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Travel Guide Video Oslo.

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Once again Big Thanks To Anbjørg Lien, Bjørn Ole Rasch & Helge Westbye (Grappa Records) for letting us use the Track “Dancing Larry” from the album “Khoom Loy”