Paris, France As We Travel Europe

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After rushing through Luxembourg, we really needed a few days rest — but since the crazy city of Paris was next on our route, we didn’t have time to rest … instead we spent a few days exploring Paris. It was great to finally visit all those attraction you had heard when you were younger:

– The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris etc and of course taste some of the yummy french food like Crepes!

Welcome to Paris. Ok, we’re in the subway in Paris. We’re off to the center of town. We’re going to go spend the day Seeing as much as we can. Ok, we’re at the Eiffel Tower, and it’s a pretty cool structure. But the most fun thing to do here, and something that most people here are actually doing as well is Is jumping up in the air and getting a picture. Yeah that’s the most fun. When you’re at the Eiffel Tower, that’s what you really do. My neck is hurting from too much looking up. The Eiffel Tower is best viewed from about a kilometer that way. He you just got neck problems. They’ve got some crêpes over here. We’re going to see how much they cost.

We’re just having a break from exploring Paris. We’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, we got some crêpes, and next we’re off to see the Cathedral of Notre Dame. And we’re probably going to pass the Louvre on the way? Grab some lunch, because that’s not enough for lunch. Yeah, it’s not that filling. What do you want for lunch, a croissant? The crepe wasn’t really enough food for us, so we’re having a second taste of France. Baguette. Typical French baguette. It’s a beautiful day here in Paris. We’re going to rest for a bit before going to the Notre Dame Cathedral. We found this bridge that has locks locked up on the fences on both sides. Couples come here and write their names on the lock, lock it to the fence, then throw the key in the water. Some of the just put their names, just write them there. Some people actually engrave them like this onto the lock. I think it’s really romantic. They write the date as well when they were here. I mean I’d love to have that, just lock one on there.

There’s like a bread festival going on outside the cathedral here. The fresh breads are coming past us. It seems that more people are here for the bread than for the cathedral. Let’s walk inside and see what’s inside here. It’s funny because we came here to see the cathedral and we ended up going to a baguette workshop instead. Right next to the Notre Dame Cathedral, there was this workshop where these kids were learning how to make French baguettes. There were some really cute little kids in there learning how to flatten them and cook them and everything, it’s really cool. Sort of outshone the cathedral here. It’s more fun, isn’t it? That’s part of travelling, isn’t it? Those random things that you don’t plan to see, you know? You go somewhere to see something and you end up doing something completely different.

Ok so it’s been a long day walking around Paris. But we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral, and right next to it they had this fresh bread-making workshop, or bread baguette-making workshop, French baguettes. Kids were baking baguettes. So we bought a few of them, and they’re so fresh. It smelled so good there, it’s incredible. It’s still warm, It’s actually five minutes out of the oven. Tastes really good. Wow, this is different. It’s way different than the other baguette that we had earlier. This is so fresh. It’s a great way to finish our day here in Paris.