Paris France Tourist Guide The City (Passport Heavy)

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Paris, France sits high on the list of one of the world’s more famous and expensive cities in the world.

With I have been there a few times and René having lived there for a couple of years, we decided to get the crew together and film a documentary giving y’all a tour of both the typical and not-so-typical things the city has to offer.

Summer in the city of love truly is a magical experience. The energy is amazing, the city is booming with culture and history and it doesn’t get dark until 10pm, it’s crazy.

There’s also so much to explore in the city: from food, to city sights and unique parties and cultural experiences.

The city felt safe and we were in High Spirit, especially as we roamed the city in our dope anti-theft, London-made custom High Spirit backpacks.

We had some amazing Airbnb experiences, ate at some dope cultural restaurants, attended city tours, experienced Black-French art, culture and fashion, and much more.

Hope you enjoy Paris as much as we did.

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