Paycation Travel Business Overview

Copy the link – Travel Online With Paycation. Earn an outstanding income as a broker of home-based Internet travel businesses. Paycation gives folks the opportunity to become financially independent by working in their own home based business with all the tools, training and support needed for success. Watch this Paycation Travel Business Overview – see how Travel Entrepreneurs have access to an online booking engine, unlimited training and support, a website marketing program with access to the most popular Travel vendors. The business start-up and website maintenance fees are minimal. As a Certified Travel Agent, you’ll earn income from home and be able to access the incredible deals that are only available to Travel Agents.

Join Lee and Helene’s Paycation Team:

Do you know how to make money online and how to save money? As a Travel business broker, Certified Travel Consultant and entrepreneur, you’ll have access to your own cutting-edge consumer Travel website. You’ll be able to take member-exclusive trips, travel familiarization trips and have access to unpublished Travel fares. You’ll be able to earn up to 75% commission on all travel trips that are booked on your website. And you’ll have full access to a complete array of travel vendors, allowing you to directly book both individuals and groups, thereby increasing your profits via markups on the travel services you provide.

With the unlimited training and customer support that’s available, you’ll earn Paycation, Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA) and International Airline Travel Agent Network (IATAN) credentials – allowing you to travel at a huge reduction in travel costs. Want to work from home and travel at 10% of the published airline rate? With Paycation Travel, it’s doable. Want to work at home, review cheap vacation packages and recommend cheap vacations to others? Our network marketing home based business is a great way to earn residual income.

A multi level marketing online business is one of the best ways to save money – it’s also a great way to develop financial freedom. Direct sales is the best way to recommend a travel club, discount travel and free vacations to others. This home travel business not only allows you to travel the world, it’s a business opportunity where you can be your own boss and develop multiple streams of income.

As a travel business broker, you’ll be able to take advantage of, not one, but six monthly streams of Residual Income, including: coded residuals, 100% match on coded residuals, a business-builder bonus, a 3×7 matrix, 10% match on personals matrix and an 8% match on the earnings of those coded to you. (The 3×7 matrix, alone, guarantees a $25,500 monthly payout!)

This video explains why being a Business Broker for Paycation Travel is a huge income opportunity. See David Manning, the CEO of Paycation Travel, explain the Paycation Compensation Plan. David Manning created the Comp Plan and believes it to be “…the most powerful compensation plan on the planet!”

As you develop a small network of home-based travel agencies, you’ll achieve various rankings. The travel business development numbers are not huge – the key numbers are 1, 3, 6, 10, 15 and 20. If you develop 20 agencies (anywhere in the world) and develop key leaders, you’ll be set for life. (How does $250,000 guaranteed income per month sound?) Watch this video to see why…

Tired of the financial struggle – want to make money online? Need to find a way to increase your income? Want to work from home online, promote online travel and go on free vacations? Looking for that perfect lifestyle? Well, click on the link above to get further information. By becoming a successful travel business broker, your lifestyle will change dramatically!

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