Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Travel Guide – Drink like the Locals

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A local hangover cure and other drinks that you will find in the streets of Rio.

A huge part of the Rio de Janeiro experience is dazzling a variety of drinks that you can find here, whether it is small home and the wood star bars, freshest of restaurants or the ever present juice bars. A good place to start is with beer, which comes in two forms, sharpy or drost like this and bottle beer souvecir. Then there is tinger, which is a short of cashasha the sugar cane rum. You can have it neat or mix it with a host of fruits, much popular combination being, ice, lime and sugar, it gives you the world’s famous cocktail, caterina, saugi.

Moving away from alcoholic drinks, Guarana is the most popular soft drink here in Brazil, takes somewhere between gingerale and cream soda and to verify contains more caffeine than coffee. Another common drink is fresh coconut juice or coco guarado, two of this will cure the worst of hangovers. There is juice bars like this all over the city, where you can get fresh juices from tones of fruits, like passion fruit, pineapple, mangoe and serve it with milk and you have a vitamina, like banana colavare. Brazil is fine with great coffee, but you will not find many cappuccinos or scintillates around here. This has been Doug Gray showing you Rio de Jeneiro.