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Everyone who walks past this small, charming hotel on the very quiet and picturesque Rue du Pré aux Clercs slows down and has a look. Even the French. That’s because very few properties in Paris, and even fewer in this part of Paris, have their massive doors, their ‘Portes’, typical of this area… open.

Normally, the best properties are hidden behind massive doors that remain closed.

Saint Vincent’s doors are always open, hence, the double take.

What once would have been an internal courtyard intended to turn around the horses and coach is now a fabulous double height reception space and cosy living area with a stone fireplace.

This is a hotel that’s as Parisian as it gets. The rooms are all different, the decor is stylishly classic yet quite contemporary in terms of the details that count, such as the bathrooms. The service is crisp, efficient, and almost Swiss-like in the faultless way things are run.

The only characteristic that’s not very Parisian is the size of the rooms. They are larger than normal which would explain why they have so many French guests. The French know value when they see it.

There’s no restaurant but breakfast is served in a stylishly furnished jewel of a space looking out on the street.

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