Santorini Sailing – Santorini, Greece

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Santorini Sailing – Santorini, Greece
Santorini Travel Guide David’s Been Here is in Santorini, Greece, searching for all the top sites and best local activities in and around the island. In this video, David joins Santorini Sailing for a 5-hour tour around the island, visiting Red Beach, White Beach, Sulfur Springs, Small Santorini and many other sites. Soak in the scenery while the local experts guide you through the seas explaining all the surroundings and the extensive history behind them. Being Santorini’s oldest existing sailing company you get the reassurance that this island tour will truly be an unforgettable one. Allow Santorini Sailing to wine and dine you for 5-hour trips, full day tours or any other custom packages you might want to embark on. One of the must have experiences while in Santorini, find Santorini Sailing and all the best activities in and around the island in the David’s Been Here Guide to Santorini, now available for your Kindle as well.

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