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The Beaches of Prince Edward Island

One of the most notable things about Prince Edward Island are the number of world class beaches available to tourists. If you’re looking for a budget conscious way to give the kids something to do, or looking for a place to relax and get in some reading or just need a great place to walk, meditate and do some low impact exercise, the beaches of PEI may be just the right answer for your vacation paradise questions.

There is nothing better than a picnic on the beach, which can be especially romantic at sunset, after the kids have gone to bed exhausted from a day of activity and sightseeing. Or, get an early start and allow the kids to play in the sand, little or no special equipment required. The white sand beaches also make a good surface for outside family volleyball. However, you have to bring your own net.

Prince Edward Island is surrounded by sand on all sides with each beach having its own personality, if you will. From the singing sands of Basin Head to clam digging at Pinette or Tea Hill, to huge crowds at Cavendish or Brackly Beach, there is something entertaining for everyone at a PEI beach. Some beaches offer campsites. These are located in seven Provincial Parks with Cabot, Panmure, or Red Point often cited as the favorite places among tourists.

There are a total of 11 camping parks and 14 day use parks, all of which offer beautiful scenery, nature trails as well as a variety of activity, in addition to the many wonderful beaches. It goes without saying that campground parks offer facilities for overnight camping and all forms of recreation to enhance the outdoor experience for the casual camper.

There are few rules and regulations that need to be followed, however there are some in place to make your experience an enjoyable one. These include keeping vehicles and hiking to designated pathways. Make sure you dispose of your garbage and refuse properly and in the designated locations. Respect all wildlife and protected habitats, and zones. Pay attention to signs which are there to make your experience safe and satisfying. The park service also asks that tourists stay away from bird roosts, colonies and natural nesting areas.

Before you book your reservations, decide on your itinerary and then ask questions of your travel agent to ensure that you are in the area or near the beach of your choice. This will save you time, headaches and hassle, not to mention money, if you’re vacationing on a budget.