Seven European cities where it’s cheaper to stay in a hotel than an

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The world’s european best place to visit in 2017-2018 is tour also one of the most affordable. Most packages famous attractions like the Trevi Fountain and with the Roman Forum are free to visit airfare and you can save on flights and lodging by skipping the busy summer season multi Porto is a stunning city

on city Portugal’s northwestern coast. Here, travelers can visit europe numerous museums, relax on the beach or vacation spend the day sipping wine. To save best money, head to the museums on Sundays, tours when admission is often free. This quintessential companies Italian city doesn’t offer as many free for attractions as Rome, but average hotel rates couples

hover around $125 per night, making lodging bus affordable. Save even more by booking a from room on the outskirts of town london Prices in this former bargain hunter’s paradise top are swiftly rising. But it’s still possible rated to find travel deals in this stunning European destination, especially if you brave the Czech

Republic’s winter weather. You can tour most attractions for a small entrance fee, but good local eats (and cheap drinks) are never hard to find. Travel to the Greek capital to see iconic sights like the Parthenon and the Acropolis. If you avoid the peak tourist season between June and

August, you can secure better deals on flights and hotels. Bundle up for a winter trip to Vienna. You’ll be able to secure deeply discounted hotel rates compared to the summer tourist season and won’t have to contend with crowds at attractions such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

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