Sighisoara, Romania: As We Travel Europe – Country #20

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It’s about 10 pm, we’re about to jump on this train, take the overnight train from Istanbul, Turkey to Bucharest, Romania. It’s a 20, 24 plus hour train ride. We arrive in Bucharest tomorrow around 7, 8 pm, so, should be interesting. We’ll see how it goes. It’s crazy, I am sweating so bad. The air con is broken. We’ve been sitting here for over 20 hours. I’m absolutely exhausted. We have a small little window, poking our head out the top just to get a bit of fresh air. The conductor, I have no idea where he is, we have no idea where we are. It’s meant to be there a few hours. I don’t think so, it was running pretty late. It’s about 4 pm now. We’re running out of food, so I hope we get there soon. It’s crazy. We made it. We’re in Romania.