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Copy the link Sondela Nature Reserve, situated just outside Bela Bela in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, spans 5000 hectares of prime wildlife country. Apart from being a prime holiday destination and corporate team building haven, Sondela prides itself in being the premiere outcomes based training ground for students of tourism and hospitality in all its forms. Boasting the distinct advantage of being a sought after and popular bush destination, Sondelas upmarket offerings present the perfect hands-on training environment. Security trainees are subjected to the ideal mix of theory within the classroom and practical on the job training, all the while mentored by full-time specialist trainers. Graduates of this training course are multi-faceted individuals capable of fulfilling any security oriented role within the hospitality industry. Given that the welcome a client receives is the single most lasting impression, Sondela delivers its very own and well renowned brand of welcome, incorporating complimentary pancakes and drinks, prepared and served by their resident students. Widely considered to be a critical area to any operation, Sondela excels in the reception area thanks to its comprehensive curriculum placing emphasis on client liason. Smiling faces backed by competence and confidence ensure that every guest is left with the impression that they are the most important person at Sondela.

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