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Cost of living in South East Asia! We compare Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia & Philippines expenses for digital nomads… ✈ Want to travel full-time? Here’s how —

South East Asia is obviously larger than Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia & the Philippines, but we’ve spent extensive time in all 4 of these spots as digital nomads, so we’re educated enough to be able to share some costs and expenses with you.

Specifically, today we’ll be comparing Chiang Mai in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, Hoi An in Vietnam and Boracay in the Philippines. All of these spots are very different and obviously this is our first hand experience, but hopefully our travel vlogs and cost comparisons are able to highlight some useful details for you.

Chiang Mai is one of our favourite places in the world, not just in Thailand. Incredibly low living costs so we recommend you start your digital nomad journey there (or in Thailand) because it’s so easy to get apartments, the food is amazing, the culture is beautiful and it’s just so simple to settle in.

Hoi An is the highlight of Vietnam, in our minds at least, however it is a bit tricky to get established and settle there because of the lack of supermarkets. It’s a great way of life though, beautiful place, costs are low and there are plenty of other digital nomads there to hang out with.

Cost of living in Bali can be cheap, but it’s often more expensive than people think – especially compared to the rest of Indonesia. So how cost effective is Canggu really to live or base as a digital nomad? That really depends on how you plan to live, our vlogs show a few times we’ve visited and each with very different styles of living. Be sure to check those travel vlogs to see what you think.

Boracay in the Philippines is heaven on earth, probably even more so now after the recent closure. It’s open again now and hopefully a few of the issues with transport, roads, hustle and waste have been fixed! Because of that isolation from the main land (Philippines is over 7,000 islands though!) it can be more expensive than other spots, the internet in the Philippines ins’t flash and for that reason alone there’s not to many other digital nomads.


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