Southern Africa Birds and other countries – South Africa Travel Channel 24

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Birds of Southern Africa Birds and other countries:
Some of these birds are not from South Africa or even the Southern African region. At 0.11 is a Rosy Starling (non breeding) from SE Europe and Southern Asia. At 0.33 is a subspecies of Guinea Turaco (T. persa buffoni) from West Africa… (not a Knysna Turaco). At 0.37 is a Northern Carmine bee-eater from North and East Africa (not the Southern Carmine Bee-eater which has pink/red below the bill). At 1.16 (unidentifiable). At 1.26 (unidentifiable). 1.29 (unidentifiable) 1.32 is a northern Pintail from North America, Europe and Asia. (some winter in African wetlands up to the equator which is well north of South Africa and north of the Southern African region). The rest are from Southern Africa although there is none here that are endemic to South Africa.