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Välkommen till Stockholm, Sverige, mitt hemland. Låt oss gå checka in. We’re in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. We’re going to start the morning by exploring Gamla Stan, the old part of town. Gamla Stan is where Stockholm was founded in 1252, and in the 18th and 19th century it was considered a bit of a slum where no one really wanted to be. But today, it’s one of the most popular and beautiful tourist attractions in Stockholm. It’s really cute here as well. Let’s go and have a look around.

During the Europe Train Challenge, we’ve gone to so many old towns, but Gamla Stan here in Stockholm is still my favorite. It’s so cute, it’s so cozy, and it’s so quiet. I love it. It’s also kind of weird because it’s about 10 o’clock in the morning, and there are not many people about at all. It’s a Monday morning, there’s no tourists, the shops aren’t open, it’s kind of strange. It’s kinda strange. Jag är svensk. Jag en viking. Jag är svensk. Pretty cool, huh? Apparently this is the narrowest street in Stockholm. Pretty long too. We’re having a quick break before checking out the changing of the guard at 12 o’clock, so we bought a few traditional Swedish snacks. Yeah. We bought some kanelbullar. Swedish cinnamon buns, and—you can have that one—and also knäckebröd, Swedish sort of crispbread with honey in it.

We’re at the Royal Palace. It’s one of the largest royal palaces in Europe where the royal family still lives. We just checked out the changing of the guard—well, we checked out the changing of the guard with a music show. I’ve never seen soldiers walking around, marching around all serious-looking with Abba in the background. It’s kind of funny, and it’s very Swedish. Now we’re going to go and visit one of the islands. What I love most about the city is that it’s surrounded by water. Stockholm is situated on 14 islands which makes it really easy to get away from the city. I mean I can see the palace over there, and the parliament, and museums, and right across the bridge I have this beautiful park where I can just relax and hang out. I think it’s perfect. We’ve had a great day in Stockholm. It’s been really fun, it’s such a cute city. Yeah, it’s really cute. Tomorrow we’re off to Finland (