Taiwan Travel: Exploring Kaohsiung and Food!

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Kaohsiung is a city worth checking out in South Taiwan. To get there from Taipei, just take the rapid rails and in a few hours, you’ll be there. In Kaohsiung, I met up with local friends Maggie and Wennie who showed me around Kaohsiung’s harbor area and Cijin Island. But first, before the ferry, we stopped by a shaved ice place that serves shaved ice by gigantic bowls. It was delicious and super sweet- perfect for a hot day in Taiwan. Next, we boarded a quick ferry to Cijin Island, where seafood restaurants line both sides. This was full of tourists, but rightfully so because the street food was also delicious. We ate some roasted fresh squid- the best I’ve ever had. Then we stopped and checked out some weird ginger sauce tomato dip dish that can only be found regionally.
Overall, it was a great day. More to come from Taiwan.

Special thanks to Maggie and Wennie for making the day possible.

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