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London has many hotels and many neighbourhoods. They are all different and they all offer different characteristics. But surely the most important consideration when deciding on a hotel in London is that it evokes London.

But what does that mean? It’s a mix of the area and the hotel. Marylebone is just around the corner from Mayfair and the architecture, like Mayfair, is gentrified and historic. This was a residential neighbourhood and the rows of stately townhouses reflect that.

The Mandeville fits in with this, occupying a historic row of Regency fronted terrace houses. Once, this area was famous for being the centre of the medical profession and Harley St. continues that tradition to this day, but now Marylebone is better known as the most ‘adult friendly’ destination in London. No other area has a better selection of restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and delis. For the hedonistic gourmand this is paradise.

The Mandeville is in the heart of Marylebone and it offers a very London-esque option as a base. It’s great if a hotel is attractively decorated with luxuriously kitted out marble bathrooms, which it is, but it’s also important that it runs well. Rooms are fastidiously prepared, service is rapid and fuss free and little details, such as beautiful porcelain cups provided with the Nespresso machine in every room, are a welcome plus.

Situated just north of Oxford Street and only a stone’s throw from Mayfair, this residential area is packed with restaurants, cafés, brasseries and serious food shops. Watch the video here:

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