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The Most Expensive Hotels In The World


What are the most expensive hotels in the world?
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We have all felt the urge to want to get away and take a vacation once in a while. We have all wanted to spoil ourselves and go for that overpriced hotel massage or eat at that fancy restaurant that we can’t afford. For anyone who has traveled, it is known that no one can pick up their house and take it with them, which is why the hotel industry does so well. It is inevitable that everyone will have to stay in a hotel at least a few times in their life. There are several different kinds of hotels, from cheap and sketchy motels, hostels, to expensive luxury suites. Hotels are also well known for their deposit holds that they put on our credit cards, and stripping us of our money temporarily until we check out and head back to our normal life.

If you ever get lucky and have some cash to burn, you can really go for the ultimate luxury experience at nearly hotel in the world. However, there are some very special hotels that only cater to the wealthy and many of these suites are bigger than most people’s houses. Some of these amazing hotels even include their own private butler. For example, there are two hotels in Paris, France; the Park Hyatt and Hotel George V. The Park Hyatt features and luxurious room with a steam shower, a whirlpool bath, a massage table, and a breathtaking view of the city for over $14,000 per night. Hotel George V is right in the city and shopping center of Paris, and rooms go for over $15,000 per night. The likely reason for the pricing is not just in amenities, but the prime location being just off the Champs Elysee.

In Geneva, Switzerland, Le Richemond is an amazing hotel with bullet-proof windows and incredible views of the Swiss Alps. If you want to stay in the Royal Suite, be ready to pay up $16,680 per night. The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai stands on an artificial island and the suite comes with your own chauffeur, a Rolls Royce, plus your own helicopter. Staying at this hotel costs over $16,680 per night as well, but at least you get to enjoy some incredible and fabulous luxuries and amenities. If you’re ever in Moscow, Russia, be sure to head over to the Ritz Carlton for incredible views of the city, Caviar, a bottle of rare vodka, and a private spa in a room of over 2,000 square feet, all for $17,355 per night.

It’s incredible to think of dropping down over ten grand for a hotel suite. But these are cheap compared to the price of the most expensive hotel, the Grand Resort Langonissi. The room is actually a villa that has a heated pool, a private beach, a private chef, and your own pianist to play you all of your favorite songs. The going rate for the villa goes for $47,527 per night.

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Date: October 6, 2015