Tips For Traveling With Dangerous Props – Niels Duinker’s Travel Tips For Entertainers

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Juggler Niels Duinker shares tips about traveling with dangerous props for his juggling show on cruise ships at:

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This video was recorded on one of the cruise ships Niels Duinker was contracted to perform. His entertaining juggling program makes use of some dangerous props.

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Hello everyone, this is Niels Duinker, the juggler with the performance tip for today.

Well, as you can see, I am working this cruise at the, luxurious beautiful cruise ship here in the Middle East, and as you can imagine, these are sometimes hard to get through security.

But I do need them for my show. These are juggling knives, and I do need them for my juggling show. So whatever, if the ship security don’t let me get them on-board, or want to confiscate them to give them back later, and I don’t know exactly which night my show is going to be, so it is always best to have your whole, entire show with you in your cabin, or backstage.

I always tell them, look, it is totally fine for you to take them, but my show could be tonight, I don’t know, because I am just boarding the ship, but it could be tonight. So let me just get your name and then I know where the props are. So just in case I can not do my show because the props are lost or missing on the ship, I know who to ask.

And they never want to take the risk. They always say like, “Okay”. In that case, if 300 of our clients maybe don’t get anything to do the entire night, well, they don’t want to take that responsibility. So you always can get those props through.

Shhhh! Don’t tell the Captain.

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