Top 10 Christmas Markets – Europe Travel Guide 2012

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Europe Travel Guide – Top 10 Christmas Markets – as part of the travel series by GeoBeats.

10 – Prague, Czech Republic. Set against the backdrop of historic monuments. Includes nativity scenes and petting zoo.

9 – Colmar in Alsace region of France. The town hosts multiple specialty markets.

8 – Aachen, Germany. Christmas market is set around the 1200 year old Aachen Cathedral.

7 – Basel, Switzerland. Stalls sell art & craft from all over Switzerland.

6 – Hamburg, Germany. The city hosts many Christmas markets and there’s even a Christmas parade.

5 – Brussels, Belgium. The city has a long standing tradition of holding festive Christmas markets.

4 – Stockholm, Sweden. Everything from handicrafts to Christmas foods.

3 – Medieval City of Talinn, Estonia. Set in city’s town hall square.

2 – London, England. London has many Christmas markets with Covent Garden being one of the larger ones.

1 – Vienna, Austria. The city hosts many markets. Around the city hall is one of the largest and most festive.