Top 10 Portuguese Phrases – Travel Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Learn how to say Thanks and other local phrases during your Brazil visit.

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Language – Brazilian Portuguese

When in Brazil, it is helpful to know a few essential phrases in Brazilian Portuguese. Here are the top 10 phrases in Brazil.

Number 10: If you want to ask your taxi driver to stop, say “Pode parar aqui.”

Number 9: If you have to go to the bathroom, you ask, “Onde é o banheiro?”

When shopping, if you want to know the price, you ask, “Quanto custa?”

Number 7: If you are wanting to ask somebody if they speak English or not, you say, “Você fala Inglês?”

Number 6: When addressing people you can use Senhor, Senhor for Mr. Sehnora, Sehnora for Mrs. And if it is somebody your age, you can either call them by their first name or or use the term moçu for boy, or moça for miss.

In case of an emergency you can say, “Socorro.” which means help.

Number 4 is for greetings. If you want to say good morning, say, “Bom dia.” Good afternoon is “Boa tarde.” Good evening and good night is “Boa noite.”

Number 3: For apologizing you would say, “Me Desculpa.” But if you’re trying to get through a crowd like that, saying excuse me is “Com licença.”

Number 2: If you want to say thank you, you would say “Obrigada,” if you are a female. You would say, “Obrigado,” if you are a male. Obrigda or Obrigado.

And the top phrase is “Oi.” which means hello.

Remember, most people here generally understand Spanish, but they prefer that you speak to them in their language, Brazilian Portuguese. I am Marisa Collins and I am showing you Brazil.