Top 5 Attractions Monaco – Europe Travel Guide

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Take a tour of Top 5 Travel Attractions of Monaco, Europe – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions series by GeoBeats.

Hey, this is your travel host, Naomi. I would like to show you the top 5 attractions of Monaco.

Number five, Monaco Harbor. Monaco may be the world’s second smallest country, but in its famous harbor, you can find some of the largest yachts here.

Number four, Monaco Cathedral. This Byzantine style landmark is the final resting place for past princes and Princess Grace.

Number three, Prince’s Palace. The majestic place has a deep history. It’s a must see attraction in Monaco. Changing of the Guard ceremony draws many visitors.

Number two, Monaco Aquarium. Few aquariums are set in such a gorgeous setting as this one. When you get inside, you’ll find lots of exotic marine life.

And number one, Monaco Casino. Featured in Hollywood blockbusters and recognized worldwide, this casino is among the reasons Monaco is said to be the playground of rich and famous.

Thank you for watching our travel video series. Ciao.