Travel Brazil – Deep Inside The Rocinha Favela

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Chris Noble: Going to Rio De Janerio for many people means a non-stop party, and while I had a great time of getting amongst the infectious atmosphere of Carnaval, I wanted to discover the other side of Rio that laid up the mountain, Inside the favelas.

In recent years the favelas have been a source of controversy, with massive police crackdowns on drug kingpins which escalated in a full blown drug war. But I knew that there was more to these areas than just what goes on in the news – I wanted to meet the residents and get their side of the story.

The reality of Rio was shown to me by my excellent guide Marianne from Real Rio tours and her friend Pedro, two Brazillian locals who were eager to show me the heart of the Rocinha favela. With them, I discovered that away from the hustle and bustle on the glitzy esplanade was a place filled with community spirit and passionate and hospitable people – something many travellers miss out on.


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About the World Nomads Brazil team

Chris Noble is the General Manager of and will forever be indebted to the World Nomads of Rio that shared their knowledge and passion over the Carnaval period. He has a renewed love of Samba music and still dances as if his feet were held apart by a broom handle.

This film was directed, shot and edited by our very talented nomad, Brian Rapsey –, with additional editing by World Nomad’s Jesse Perez.