Travel in Ebola country: Dangerous roads – the rain forest is unforgivable

Copy the link – Travel to Ebola country – Journey to Guinea forest and Liberian border with Ivory coast. What has become evident is the ability of the virus to be transmitted other than that has been reported. Ebola workers and doctors use protective clothing, they are aware of the risks. Still, the virus proliferates rapidly and those unfortunate enough to be involved handling patients are at high risks. It seems sheer luck, our own dangerous excursion into the rain forest south of Guinea, bordering to the West of Ivory Coast was a risky venture – to say the least. I recall the chaos in Nzerekore – a southern town in Guinea Forest iere. I must admit however that I was well prepared. 100 % Vegan at the time, not touching animal protein. My daily ration of food included : Grapefruits ( whole boot load of them bought in Ivory coast in the rural markets of Agnibilekrou ). Further, there were always fresh bush bananas available, as well as Baguette ( French bred ). For the rest of our journey ( ) my own personal recommendation taken from my personal friend and renowned Homeopath Anton Hornung, a daily dose of Vitamin B complex was taken. It is well known that vitamin B complex drives away Mosquitoes. I can vouch it works 100 %. I never suffered 1 single mosquito bite throughout the journey. Perhaps my Vegan diet was an invaluable factor here. – More on our Journey can be read on Articlesbase, though no mention of Ebola is made there. – The video shows some of the information that is currently available, with scientific snips from essential publications. | The video is for information only, and is of us of interest based on the fact that we actually visited the border areas where the Ebola virus caused so much havoc and continues to affect the populace.


“Ebola: the first infected patient is a 2 year old

The ‘patient zero’ in the Ebola outbreak would be a 2 year old child that died on 6 December, a few days after falling ill in a village near Guéckédou, in southeastern Guinea. Three team of Chinese experts will start between Sunday and Monday for West Africa to provide their input against the spread of the epidemic of Ebola. This was announced by the Chinese National Commission for Health and Family Planning, as reported by the Xinhua news agency. Specialists Chinese fly in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, carrying materials and supplies health. Each team is composed of an epidemiologist and two medical specialists in disinfection and personal protection.

In Liberia, MSF complaint, the outbreak of the virus has completely overwhelmed the health care system that is “falling apart.” The coordinator of Medecins sans Frontieres in Liberia (MSF), Lindis Hurum told the BBC that the official figures provided by local authorities “underestimate the reality” of the situation. “Our capabilities are pulled to the limit,” said Hurum, reporting that in the capital Monrovia five major hospitals have been closed for over a week and “some have begun to reopen, but there are other hospitals in other areas that are abandoned by staff. ” So far, about 1,000 people have died and 1,800 have been infected with the virus in West Africa.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health refers in a footnote that “in these last hours, the structures of the national health system, in collaboration with government departments and the National Institute for Infectious Diseases ‘Spallanzani’, they run some reports of possible cases import of Ebola disease, then not confirmed by the analysis carried out. ” The ministry stressed that the false alarm demonstrates the effectiveness of supervision Italian. Since the department headed by the minister Beatrice Lorenzin explaining that they were “applied to the protocols set out in the circulars sent by the former ministry. Each border health care and hospitalization continue to be constantly vigilant, while recognizing that the situation with regard to Italy and Europe, is absolutely under control. ”