Travel Tips: 5 Ridiculously Cheap Destinations and other travel tips

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Travel Tips: 5 Ridiculously Cheap Destinations and other travel tips

A few weeks ago we published a similar video, 7 Great Budget Destinations. This video has is a little different, compared to the destinations on the first video, destinations in this video are even cheaper! How cheap? Ridiculously Cheap. Keep reading below and we will show you why these 5 destinations are simply great deals for travellers.

1. Avarua, Cook Islands. This is the capital of Rarotonga, technically New Zealand, but it is located 3200 km north of it approximately, in the middle of the pacific ocean. Most inhabitants are Polynesians. These beaches receive very few tourists. Rent an apartment in these tropical beaches for just 130 dollars a month which you can tell is very cheap. Its tropical beaches con remind your of Hawaii and Tahiti, the difference is the amount of money you spend here compared to those two. Once here and realising its natural beauty, its hard to imagine this destination only receives only 100 thousand tourist a year, while Hawaii receives close to 8 million. Just let go and go whale sighting, rock climbing, snorkel and enjoy!

2. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic. This destination is located inside de bohemian region of the Czech Republic. Here you can wander around seeing giant castles, stone streets and an overall medieval mood. You can rent an apartment for just 13 dollars a day and get a delicious local meal for only10 dollars per person. Apart from the budget control tips, this town has a spectacular solstice celebration called The 5 Petal Rose Festival that basically is a renaissance feast that includes fireworks and huge amounts of meat available for the visitors. Český Krumlov as you can imagine is mainly inhabited by Czech families and some speak very little English so good luck trying to communicate with the locals!

3. Koh Thonsáy, Cambodia. This next destination is a small island south of Cambodia, near the main city Kep. You can rent a small beach front bungalow for just 6 dollars a day and if you are craving local food you can go to the crab market and eat one for just 5 dollars! The Island is uninhabited except for a few fisherman and their families, so it is a great place if you just plan to kick back and relax.

4. Las Perlas Islands, Panama. These are a group of islands located 48 km away from main land Panama. Many of the islands are uninhabited so you can stay rent free on a million star accommodation. Before the 70’s this was considered pirate land, many pirates lived there trying to keep unobserved. Actually, these islands were named after the amount of pearls that can be found here! Hurry up because 3 seasons of reality show “Survivor“ was shot here so this means it could start attracting many more visitors.

5. Agonda Beach, Goa, India. Located in the south coast of Goa. It is a relatively unpopulated area, considering this is the opposite on the rest of Goa. Goa is the richest Indian state because of tourism. But here you can get hut on the beach for just 4 dollars a day and 2 bottles of wine for less than 1 dollar. So basically there not much to do here except yoga, visit temples and naan. You can see a bunch of hippies here in spiritual quests so don’t be surprised if one or two approach you asking for money of weed or both!

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