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Hey there Daven Michaels Founder of 123Employee. And Today, I want to talk to you a little about a travelling for business. Now, if your business traveler your going to love these tips and if you just like to travel for fun then here’s the great tip for you as well. You know I travel all over the world and I have to tell you I’ve got used to first class seating and I’m not always in first class but I am most of the time and I got a great travel tip for you if you want travel in first class . So let me tell you how to do it. Let’s say you have status with one of the Airlines and let say you have a gold status with Delta that means that you do get upgraded often. And let say you want to fly American Airlines but you don’t have status when you want to fly first class. So how you do it? Well currently American has a program and a lot of these Airlines have programs like this and they create a program called A Gold Run. And so what happen is you contact the Airlines and you say, hey I have status with Delta and I’ve like to ask status with you and ask you to pay maybe a hundred dollar fee and then they give you up to 90 days to fly five thousands miles. So I give you an example, the other day I had to be in London so I want to find American, I have status with Delta. I contacted American, I said I want the Gold Run and I paid them hundreds of dollars and I soon as I landed in London I was Gold because I was going over five thousands miles. You see how that works? Now remember you could do the same thing without having the status on the Airline. Could you, because I didn’t ask any verification, you see how that’s works? How would you like to fly first class for a hundred dollars that’s the great travel tip for you isn’t it? Okay, if your business traveler you going love this, you going fly first class or business class is the only way to fly its spoil you for the rest. If you are traveler or a recreational traveler then this is the great way for you to travel in style. So there’s your travel business tip for the day I’m Daven Michaels, thanks for watching.