Travel to Greece : Explore the wonder of the Mediterranean and visit Greece

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Find yourself comfortably lost in the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean. This video and soundtrack compilation features colorful images of the beautiful landscapes, attractions, and surroundings of Greece accompanied by a four track mix of bright, lighthearted, and soothing sounds. The isles of Greece shine in the light of their magnificent beauty, romantic culture, and mythological history, and make each destination incomparable to any other travel experience in the heart of the Mediterranean.

– Travel to Greece: explore the wonder of the Mediterranean and visit Greece –

Track Times:
• Greek Medley: (0:00.00-06:18.00)
• Folegandros: (06:18:00-08:11:84)
• Mediterranea INSTRUMENTAL: (8:11:84-13:24:56)
• Kara Marias INSTRUMENTAL: (13:18:88-17:51:12)