Travel With Us: Athens, Greece | Vlog #1 | Summer 2015

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I have been vlogging for years now and this is probably one of the most scattered vlogs I have ever filmed. I will make sure to do better next time and I am sorry if I made anyone dizzy. This was my first time traveling abroad and things were sorta crazy. I am studying abroad here in Athens, Greece until July 31st. Until then I am going to try and upload as many vlogs and fun videos on this channel. I love you all so much and want to continue putting up content for you. You can read about my studying abroad experience on my blog:

Mathew’s Parents LOVE STORY:

I hope you don’t mind me uploading vlogs like this on my main channel. I feel these vlogs are more important than my normal ones so I wanted to upload them here. Thank you all for watching!

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