Turkey Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Turkey.
Turkey, ‘the land beneath the half moon’. We begin our journey in Istanbul, golden gateway to the Orient, a city that was once the centre of the Old World and still reflects two and a half centuries of history. On the opposite side of the Galata Bridge on the banks of the Golden Horn is the Yeni Cami Mosque with a large number of domes and minarets built one on top of the other plus a number of precious glass windows. The Grand Basare is a city within a city. Through a large gate there is a labyrinth of corridors that were built over many centuries. The enclosed market contains more than four thousand shops within its seemingly endless halls and it is possible to buy almost anything here. A vivid world full of the aromas of the orient. Near to the west coast of Turkey situated between Troy and Ephesos is one of the most famous and well preserved ancient cities of this region, Pergamon. This, in the Hellenic era, was an ancient cosmopolitan city the traces of which are still visible today. Marmaris is situated on the Turkish Riviera and was once well protected by a mediaeval fortress. In 1522 Sultan Süleyman The Splendid enlarged the small castle of the former Roman rulers as he wished to conquer the island of Rhodes. Ankara is the capital of the Republic of Turkey and this once Anatolian provincial backwater is today one of the country’s most modern cities and is a vibrant world metropolis. The biggest mosque in Turkey is the Kocatepe Camii which is both a symbol of the devoutness of the Turkish people as well as being an important centre of communication for the entire city. Turkey is a country of many faces, with fairytale-like mosques and palaces, legendary ancient cities and fascinating landscapes. It is a link between Asia and Europe, between East and West and an historic bridge between both Orient and Occident.

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