Ukraine River Cruise Travel Video – Dnieper River Tour in Europe

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Our Ukraine Cruise is a real gem. This once hidden and unknown country is now open to tourists. History dates back over 1000 years and you can see wonderful landmarks in the capital city of Kiev. The Dnieper River offers you an up close and personal view of the culture and people that call the Ukaine home.

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Welcome to Ukraine, one of Europe’s last hidden treasures. Long in the shadow of the Soviet Empire, this lovely country, rich in history, culture and natural beauty, regained its independence in 1991 and opened its doors to the world. From gorgeous Odessa, the gateway to the Black Sea, to Yalta and its world-class beaches, to Zaporozhye, the home of the fearless Cossack warriors, and to cosmopolitan Kiev, with its wide, tree-lined boulevards and a thousand-year-old history, Ukraine is a true treasure chest of natural and man-made attractions waiting to be explored. We are pleased to introduce to you this new and exciting travel destination in the hopes that we may one day share in the pleasure of your company as you discover Ukraine with us.

One of the best ways to explore this diverse country is by cruising the magnificent Dnieper River. At 1,420 miles in length, it is the third longest river in Europe, after the Volga and the Danube. The benefits of a river cruise are many. No packing and unpacking, as our floating hotel will take you from one exciting destination to the next. All your meals are included, as are most of your shore excursions. Our on-board staff of guides, cruise directors, and talented entertainers will delight you with their lectures, music, and hospitality. Sit back and enjoy an unforgettable journey from Odessa to Kiev, and all of the unique Ukrainian stops in between.

As either a starting or ending point for our cruises, Odessa is sure to delight you. A mild climate and a youthful, vibrant population have drawn the rich and the famous to this Black Sea port for centuries. Its most famous citizen, the French Duke De Richelieu, transformed the city into a thriving center of commerce and culture. Its Opera House, and the Potemkin Stairs, are world-renowned, while its tree-lined promenades and classical buildings painted in pastel hues invoke another era. Life on board our floating hotel will be as exciting as the ports you will be visiting.

Our first stop, Sevastopol, is home to the Russian Navy’s feared Black Sea Fleet. Closed to foreign visitors until the early 1990s, Sevastopol today is a city of clean and orderly boulevards, neo-classical Russian buildings, and the unique Panorama Museum. As our ship sails from Sevastopol to Yalta, the optional bus excursion across the Crimean peninsula will take you to see the unique cliff-side fortress of Swallow’s Nest. The historic Livadia Palace, the location where Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill decided the fate of post-war Europe, will be equally impressive. Stunningly situated between the Crimean mountains and the Black Sea, Yalta has been a major destination for poets, politicians, artists, writers, and the Russian Czar’s family. Kherson is the gateway to the Dnieper delta. Here, you will board smaller boats that will take you to an authentic Ukrainian fishing village. A local family will host an al fresco lunch, accompanied with some improvised entertainment.

Zaporozhye, a name that conjures up images of fierce, pony-tailed warriors, is also the home of the first independence movements of Ukraine. Here you will enjoy a tour of the city, and a visit to the unique Zaporozhye Cossack museum. The optional Cossack show will feature their horsemanship, weapon skills, and music. Home to Ukraine’s favorite son, Taras Shevchenko, Kanev is both his birthplace and burial ground. After a tour of his museum, you will enjoy a special shashlik barbecue. There will be wine, entertainment, and a selection of songs performed by our enthusiastic flower girls.

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is also recognized as the birthplace of Kievan Rus, or Russia. It came to be in 988, when Prince Vladmir the Great baptized the whole country and introduced Christianity to this part of the world. Today, it’s a city of wide boulevards, giant chestnut trees, and a smiling and youthful population. The people are friendly, the city is beautiful. We hope you have enjoyed our short intro to Ukraine. we also hope we will have the pleasure of your company in the nearest future, as we sail along the beautiful Black Sea and the romantic Dnieper River.

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