Uncrate Africa Travel Diary

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This year, Holt Renfrew’s H Project team travelled to Africa for its second annual cultural celebration. Led by Alexandra Weston, Holt Renfrew’s Director of Brand Strategy, H Project highlights and supports cultures, artisans and traditional crafts from around the world. The unique in-store shop, curated by Weston and her team, is filled with extraordinary items with extraordinary stories.
Following last year’s Uncrate India collection, H Project has teamed up with world-renowned designers who work in Africa, including DANNIJO, Stella Jean, Lem Lem’s Liya Kebede, Westward Leaning, Brother Vellies and Me to We. The exclusive collaboration with New York-based jewellery brand DANNIJO brought the team to Kigali, Rwanda where they discovered the incredible artisans and traditional techniques of the region. Weston and her team explored Africa, travelling to Rwanda, Kenya and the Massai Mara, meeting artisans and sourcing exquisitely crafted items along the way. From handwoven baskets to bold textiles and beaded jewellery, the assortment of items will come together this spring in H Project’s Uncrate Africa shop.

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