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Shepherd Entertainment gives you the history of Kalami in Corfu and takes you on a tour of this fishing village’s sites and
attractions. Housing several writers along the years, one of the a main attractions of this village is Gerald Durrell’s house and the bay that is neighboring it.000a

The fishing village of Kalami together with the rest of Corfu is made known by English naturalist, Gerald Durrell in his popular and cheerful novels. Among many other he wrote about his unforgettable childhood spent on Corfu in his novels My Family and other Animals, Birds, Beasts and Relatives and Garden of the Gods. The protagonist of all these books is the writer’s brother, Larry. Lawrence Durrell was a great writer himself. Prospero’s Cell, Sicilian Carousel and Alexandria Quartet have been reprinted many times.
Durrell writes, the house hid in a cathedral like olive grove which stretched on the slope to the coast. It was surrounded by a handkerchief sized garden where the flowerbeds are fitted with geometrical precision so fond to the Victorian heart. The veranda in front of our villa paved with huge blocks was covered by a grape barber from which large green bunches were hanging like chandeliers. From here, one could see the sea over the mandarin trees and the silver green olive groves of the garden which was blue and still like a flower petal.
This bay was the first discovery place of Gerald Durrell, friend of every plant and animal. The five years he spent here defined his whole work. When in Corfu, one must see the Durrell house and the bay nearby.

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