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Shepherd Entertainment gives you the history of Paraskevis in Chalkidiki and shows you its sites and attractions. Paraskevis
visitors can enjoy the thermal waters of Paraskevis spa, the famous Maria icon and the beach of Moles with its translucent water.

Paraskevi is situated on the coast of the Thermaikos Gulf in the southwestern tip of the Kassandra Peninsula. The thermal waters of Paraskevi spa break to the surface from among the cavities of high cliffs in the mountains rising over the tourist resort and this water can ease pain in the joints as well as some skin diseases. The famous Maria icon which was transported here from Thessaly by the sea stands on a marble foundation and is kept in Panagia –Chapel. Is it the mixture of the thermal and the blue water of the sea that lends this incredibly blue shade to be beaches of Paraskevi? Whatever the reason, the sight and the experience is amazing and unforgettable at the same time.
Continuing on our way to the northeast, we arrived at the beach of Moles with its translucent water, where the pleasures of summer can be fully enjoyed. The area is mentioned by the well known Herodotus, the father of historiography concerning the fact that the inhabitants of the area were conscripted into the Persian army by force. This area was also famous for coining money and on the coins, Dionysus was often depicted making reference to the famous local wines this way. If we return from the past to present days, we could admire the well arranged, newly built houses, maintained gardens decorated with — and palm trees and renovated impressive churches.

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Visit Paraskevis in Chalkidiki, Greece | Travel Guide | Travel Tips | Tourism Greece