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Shepherd Entertainment gives you the history of Stavros in Chalkidiki and shows you its sites and attractions. Stavros visitors
can enjoy the clear weather, sandy and pebbled beaches and a petting zoo for children, along side with a row of hotels and guesthouses.

Those preparing for the conquering of the eastern coast of Macedonia venture upon a longer and more exhausting journey than other companions going to northern Greece because a journey to eastern Macedonia requires fitness, resoluteness, persistence, moreover the awareness of the advantages and charm of this beautiful region. The scenery here though compensates us for everything with some characteristic features considered unique even in Greece. Pure simplicity, naturalism, savage cliffs, sometimes wild, sometimes alluring bays magnificently dominating the whole area.
This beautiful country gave a lot of battle hardened men to the world who proved their bravery and suitability at a critical point in history. Thus making mankind’s historic, tactical, philosophical and cultural heritage richer and more valuable. Alexander the great, the conqueror as well as his father Philip II of Macedonia were born and grew up here. The latter was the first builder of the Macedon Empire and the founder of the famous Greek military formation and strategy, the phalanx. Macedonia’s spiritual, artistic, cultural and scientific prosperity can be attributed to them. The famous Via Ignacia, the big roadway led this way in the Roman then east Roman empire being the only continental road between Greece and Byzantium.
The residential buildings of Stavros were built on the hills stretching along the coastline from where even Taka can be seen in clear weather. The long stretching sandy coastline of east Macedonia spreads before us with beautifully developed beaches. Stavros, Asprovalta, and Amphipolis. Sandy and pebbled beaches alternate on the coast both perfectly suitable for water sports. Here, we also find a row of hotels, apartments and tavernas with shady terraces. The parks feature shade giving trees, showy flowers and a petting zoo for children. Sunbathing on the golden sand of the alluring bays is a pleasant experience.
A long row of guesthouses see to our comfort and cater to our every need. During high season, crowds of tourists cover the long beaches. Moving on south, we reach Stagira, the birthplace of Aristotle.

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Visit Stavros in Chalkidiki, Greece | Travel Guide | Travel Tips | Tourism Greece