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Shepherd Entertainment gives you the history of Tempi in Chalkidiki and shows you its sites and attractions. Tempi visitors
can explore the mythological Spring of Daphne Nymph and the Spring of Aphrodite, along with other spectacular sites.

Tempe Valley divides Macedonia and Thessaly between the Mountains Olympus and Ossa. The 10km long narrow and deep abyss was famous even in ancient times. According to myths, the mountain was cut in two by Poseidon in his fury. There are a lot of springs in the valley and its water is a rare treasure here. It was considered a gift of the gods and named after them in gratitude.
The most famous are the Spring of Daphne Nymph, Agios Paraskevi which is said to cure eye disease and the Spring of Aphrodite which sagas claim gives beauty and youth back. According to the myth, after killing a dragon, Apollo came here to purify himself in the water of the Pinios River.
Travelling through the gorges of the valley, we could admire the diverse and exotic wildlife of the area. The valley and the church are famous place of pilgrimage. It is well-known that the place was a passage of strategic importance in warfare. One of the gates of Greece in the north since it was always used by offensive troops who were afraid of marching in the long narrow valley.

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