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Shepherd Entertainment gives you the history of Saloniki Bay in Chalkidiki and takes you on a journey through the area’s
mythology. It’s visitors can enjoy the famous Mount Olympus, known from mythology as the permanent residence of the 12 main deities, the beautiful azure blue water of the Aegean Sea and the medieval castle Platamonas.000a

Greek people are very good at preserving the treasures they’re given by nature. One quarter of the land of the country can be cultivated and despite aridity and the lack of any bounteous rivers, these disadvantageous qualities are counterbalanced by hard work and endurance. Regardless of where we travel in the country, we can meet a mythological story anywhere. No wonder we’re in the cradle of mythology. The famous Mount Olympus is known from mythology as the permanent residence of the 12 main deities. An important characteristic of Greek mythology is that it is very personal. People weren’t afraid of their gods creating instead a humanlike world in their midst in order to alleviate the fear of the unknown. Some written recollections of Greek mythology have remained for us, written by Homer, Hesiod, Pindar, Aeschylus, Euripides, Sophocles, Aristophanes, Herodotus, Plato, Pausanias, and from the Roman era, Virgil and Ovid.
Olympus has 52 peaks with highlands, caves, ponds, springs and a lot of plants if which 23 are so rare, that they can only be found only there. Its highest peak is Mitikas at 2917m rising over the clouds. Spring and autumn often bring fog to the mountainside and in summer, it’s soaked by thunder storms. Some spots are covered with snow even in summer. The mountain is a protected natural park where hunting, skiing and camping are forbidden. Only climbing is allowed. Tours start in Litochoro at the foot of the mountain from where a tourist route leads up to 2000m with some shelters on the way. The peak is still three hours away from here recommended only to experienced climbers. We can enjoy an amazing view looking down from the mountain even if we pass up climbing to the peak. We can rest our eyes on well maintained inhabited settlements and the beautiful azure blue water of the Aegean Sea.
Leaving Olympus behind and continuing southward towards the sea, we catch sight of the medieval castle Platamonas on the hillside densely overgrown with oak trees. The castle is characterized by Byzantine and Franconian architecture. Its walls are polygonal with square towers and bastion walls with tiny stones. Its entrances and inner courtyard are protected by several bastions. The name of the castle is — or Castle of the Beautiful Maiden because according to legend, the beautiful lady who lived here was kidnapped by the Turks.

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Visit The Saloniki Bay in Chalkidiki, Greece | Travel Guide | Travel Tips | Tourism Greece