Warsaw, Poland As We Travel Europe

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We spent the whole day on a train going to Warsaw, but we finally arrived. It’s about 8 o’clock at night, so we’re going to go to the hostel, relax, and then tomorrow we’re going to explore the city. We’re in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. It’s rainy, it’s pretty miserable, but we’re going to explore anyway. Warsaw is known as the Phoenix city, because just like the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so has Warsaw. We’re in the Old Town, A UNESCO Heritage site dating back to the 13th Century. The buildings here are not actually that old. During World War II, the Nazis systematically destroyed everything. Today, the Old Town has been rebuilt to look the way it did before the war. Let’s go and have a look around. We’ve been walking through the Old Town and came across this square, and it really reminds me of the Grand Place in Brussels, and I loved it there. And I also love, I think this is really amazing, the colors and the designs on the buildings. And we saw some pictures of what this square looked like after World War II, and everything was destroyed. And so to see now how they’ve rebuilt it, this looks absolutely amazing I think.

We’re at one of the most important monuments here in Warsaw. It’s in memory of the Jewish uprising against the Nazis in the second world war. What happened was that the Nazi’s came here to collect more Jews to send off to concentration camps, but the Jews realized this and decided to fight back. They spent over four days defending themselves against the Nazis, until unfortunately the Nazis sent in thousands more troops and wiped out everything. Here is another statue from the uprising of Warsaw. It’s of a kid wearing an adult’s helmet, holding a rifle in his hands. It’s so sad to think that even the kids had to defend themselves from the Nazis. We’ve been walking around Warsaw seeing how the city’s been rebuilt, and now we’re standing on Próżna Street, which used to be part of the Jewish ghetto. Today, it’s one of the few places where the buildings are still standing from World War II, and they’re really rundown. But it’s amazing to be able to see what it was like back then, and they’ve put up these photos on the walls of the people who used to live there. We found a little place that specializes in a traditional Polish dish called pierogis, Polish dumplings. We ordered a plate and see what they taste like. Really interesting. I think this one is lentils. Well, this is a perfect way to end our day here in Warsaw, and tomorrow, we’re off to Berlin.