WEEKEND TRAVEL – Wilderness, South Africa

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When the weekend arrives there’s nothing better than packing your bags for a quick road trip to travel and explore a bit of South Africa. Heading out from Cape town down the Garden route towards Wilderness, only 450km out we arrive at the Kaaimans river for a bit of fun exploring the waterways by canoe, hiking through lush forest and trekking the coastline along the old Outeniqua railway, even checking out some surfing in Vic Bay . It’s a sick little piece of paradise and I would recommend a visit!!

Orm’s and Canon lent me the new Canon XC10 to play around and come up with something for OrmsTV, so I tested it out and filmed bit’s a pieces putting the weekends activities into this short film. It was tough trying to get used to using a new camera and try shoot everything in just two day’s while missioning around but it’s a very simple camera to get the hang of. I tried something a bit different in the edit, using natural transitions to try let the shot’s flow together. I took inspiration from the “Watchtower” series by Leonardo Dalessandri and the ‘Loving Lanka’ edit by Sebastian Linda. Let me know if you think it turned out alright? Here’s the review : https://www.ormsdirect.co.za/blog/2015/08/21/canon-xc10-test-shoot-and-review/

Kiril’s version :
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Music : Why so not – Touched
Camera : Canon XC10
Edite suite : Adobe Premiere Pro