What to Pack in a Backpack to Travel Europe and the World

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What to bring, what to pack, and how to pack to travel the world.


Specifically, I will run through everything that I am bringing with me to travel around the world. This includes a description of the backpack that I am using and everything inside of the backpack.

I also cover reasons why you should bring certain things and what you should look for when purchasing clothes and other items to bring along with you. Also, note that I am traveling for years and not just a week or two, which would require many fewer items.

This is a comprehensive video and it is long. I try to explain everything; therefore, I include navigation links in the beginning of the video that will help guide you to specific parts of the video – make sure that you enable annotations to see these in-video links. Also, note that I am starting my travels in Europe; if you start in Asia, you probably won’t need so many warm clothes, which take up a lot of space.