Why Travel by Train in Europe?

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Traveling by train enhances your entire European experience: from genuine interactions with locals to relaxing journeys and no wasted time at airports. With quiet gazing through panoramic windows as you’re whisked from city center to city center. With gourmet dining and no hassles.
The train brings out our best. It’s relaxing. It’s serene. It’s intimate. It opens us to everything the journey has to offer; the simple pleasures of personally connecting with other people and cultures.
We also believe part of that serenity comes from knowing the train is a low-impact form of travel that preserves the authenticity of the regions and natural beauty we pass through. In fact, high-speed trains are three times as energy efficient as regional trains, but even the slowest train is 25% more energy efficient than cars.
Is it any wonder trains are so popular? For access to the most choices and best rates, make sure you book in advance. Because a little bit of planning can mean a lot more traveling. With over 50 different railway systems, it’s much easier for the North American traveler to ride the rails than plan their own trip on them. That’s why we’re here. Rail Europe offers a unified booking experience across Europe, with the ability to package products from different carriers.
And we have special relationships with carriers that started over 75 years ago. These relationships have led to special agreements benefiting our clients, including technology that enables us to offer and sell more rail travel options than any other provider.
It’s simple. With Rail Europe you don’t have to sort out the details, we already have.
Visit us at at http://www.raileurope.com.