World’s Most Unusual Hotels – Whitepod Hotel (Switzerland)

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Looking for a winter wonderland eco adventure? The Whitepod eco resort located in the village of Les Cerniers in the Swiss Alps offers a private ski resort, mountain chalets and 15 geodesic-dome pods that offer low impact accommodations. Guests tour the resort by skis, snowboards, dog sleds or snowshoes in the winter and relax in the luxurious and efficient Whitepod domes. The Swiss adventure resort won the World Prize for Sustainable Tourism in 2005.

Whitepod is a collection of uber-cosy, igloo-shaped pods (tents), clustered around the Pod House (a central wooden chalet) and set in the pristine Swiss mountains. The camp philosophy is very much about saving the environment and getting away from it all. There are no noisy bars or busy streets nearby, nor are there crowds of speed-junky skiers; just the camp, its private slopes and nature – lots of it. It is utterly still and unbelievably beautiful.

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